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IMWe 2022


Sirenissima - Crossing the Shoreline


Sun 10.04. - Mon. 18.04.2022




 —» Rieneck Castle

  • 80-100 Rangers, Rovers and Leaders

  • aged 17+

  • from various countries worldwide

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Wichernweg 3
D-34121 Kassel

Participants Fee

Please, transfer your participation fee (see below to find the fee for your country) as soon as possible to:


Account name: VCP e.V.

Bank name: EKK Kassel

IBAN: DE13 5206 0410 0000 0002 56


Text: IMWe 2022 [your name]

​​EUR 350 | Sponsor Fee

If you can afford it, you are very welcome to pay the special Sponsor Fee which will help us financing the event and support us to sponsor participants from countries with a lower national income.

EUR 320 | Level 1

Luxembourg, Norway, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Denmark, Iceland, Ireland, San Marino, Sweden, Netherlands, Finland, United Kingdom, Austria, Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Greece

EUR 220 | Level 2

Cyprus, Israel, Slovenia, Portugal, Malta, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Slovak Republic, Croatia, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania

EUR 200 | Level 3

Russia, Turkey, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Montenegro, Belarus, FYR Macedonia, Albania, Ukraine, Armenia, Zimbabwe

EUR -20 | Early Bird Discount

You can get an early bird discount, when you register and pay the participant fee until the 15th January 2021

The Level 1 fee of 320 Euros will cover the following costs:
  • 275 Euros for bed and meals

  • 20 Euros for supporting Level 2 and 3 countries, early birds

  • 10 Euros for deco and programme (Workshops, etc.)

  • 5 Euros for organisation (badge, participants' book, etc.)

  • 10 Euros for the Decoration Weekend

Do you have any questions concerning the IMWe fee? Take a look at our FAQ section!