The Songs of IMWe

Every IMWe theme has its own song!

The songs are performed together after every evening programme point. They reflect the atmosphere and enhance the Storyline of each IMWe.

2019 ● The Story Of Us (by Annika, Blaž & Bebbó)

2018 ● The Hero in You (by Annika, Lübeck, Simon)

2017 ● A Pirate's Life (by Julia, Daniel, Jens & Simon)

2016  Tales from Mount Olympus (by Jens, Lübeck & Simon)

2015 On the Rails to the West (by Jens, Lübeck & Simon)

2014 Through the Door (by Julia & Peter)

2013  Here in Japan... (by Schabi & Lübeck)

2012  An Offer You Cannot Refuse (by Lübeck & Christoph)

2011  Mission Supernova (by Lübeck & Christoph) and the Klingon version of the song

2010  Jungle Fever (by Rieke & Peter)

2009  Bravo for the Opera (by Christoph, additional verses by participants)

2008  It's Al'Mashewa (by Christoph)

2007  Elementary, Watson (by Wendy & Niko)

2006  It's all in your Head / Connected to the Brain (by Wendy)

2005  Cucumberenia Culinaris (by Christoph)

2004  No Fairy Tale (by Christoph)


Please let us know if you can help us to track down some of the songs before 2004.

You can —» send us all kinds of formats: pdf, jpg, png, scanned pictures, and audio recordings.