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About IMWe

Every year at the Rieneck Scout Castle in Germany approx. 100 international scouts meet up to improve their skills and share their talents with each other. Participants gain new perspectives, creativity and enthusiasm that will give them and their scout groups back home fresh ideas for activities.

What does IMWe mean?

IMWe is the abbreviation of the German words "Internationale Musische Werkstatt" (direct translation: "international artistic workshop"). For decades now, the event language has been English and IMWe has become to mean "International Creative Worksop for Guides and Scouts".

The daily IMWe programme is divided into four main categories:

  • Workshops

  • Storyline

  • Interest Groups

  • Evening Programme


Learn more about the programme at IMWe —» Detailed information

Who can participate?

As an international Scout camp, IMWe welcomes all Guides and Scouts (Rovers and leaders) who are at least at the age of 17 or older. If you want to spend one happy week together with lots of creative and fun Scouts, then get ready for the magic and —» Register now!

What costs does the fee cover?

The IMWe fee includes food and accommodation for nine days and eight nights with three meals per day (except the day of arrival and departure).

The bed and the food are the largest part of the fee.

A small share of the fee is used to support Scouts from countries with a lower GDP, who accordingly pay a lower fee. The rest is spent on workshop material and decorations, to help us offer you the best programme possible.

IMWe costs cannot be covered by fees, therefore the camp relies on VCP and external funding.

For further details on costs and contributions for the upcoming IMWe, please refer
to the —» Registration page.

What does VCP mean?

What does VCP mean?

VCP stands for "Verband Christlicher Pfadfinder*innen" and means "Association of Christian Guides and Scouts". It is one of the German scout associations.


The IMWe is run by the —» VCP and located at its Scout centre —» Castle Rieneck.

IMWe Documentaries and Trailers

Check out the documentaries and trailers —» in our gallery to get a glimpse of IMWe!

Still have some unanswered questions?
Check out our —» FAQ!

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