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Our Purpose

Our Purpose


IMWe gives leaders of Guide and Scout groups the opportunity to explore their creative talents in a setting free of their usual responsibilities.

The organising IMWe Team provides a storyline that functions as a
frame for the whole week. The theme changes every year.

The event aims to connect Scout leaders worldwide for:

  • New motivation and ideas for Scouting work at home

  • Exchanging ideas, experiences and skills

  • Intercultural awareness and communication

  • Establishing a network for joint projects

  • Training soft skills: communication, team work, presentation

  • Learning methods of theme-motivated youth work

Theme & Storyline


The theme plays an important role for the extraordinary atmosphere.


Every IMWe has its own theme and  storyline, the participants are asked to dress up in costumes based on the topic. The organisation team makes up a plot that is involved in several programme activities and also influenced by the participants throughout the programme.




Every morning the participants are visiting a workshop that they have chosen in the beginning of the week. Each workshop focuses on a certain aspect of creativity, such as painting, drama, music, innovative concepts for games, photo design or dancing to name but a few.

The results of the workshops will be presented on the final evening, displaying the creative work of the week. The Teamers make effort in inventing theme-based and versatile workshops for each IMWe, so that one can participate the event as often as desired whilst being offered new methods and projects every time.


Evening Programme

Every IMWe evening has its special programme, that varies from Scouting topics to creative performances and big group activities:

  • Night Game
    A big game played together by all participants

  • International Evening and the Campfire
    Celebrating Scouting traditions and representing your country and culture

  • Creative Evening and Concert
    Participants performing on stage

  • Interest Groups
    Teaching each other and sharing creative ideas

Evening Programme

Interest Groups
and Music IGs

Interest Groups (IGs) and Music Interest Groups (MIGs) are short activities prepared and organized by the participants themselves. Everyone participating in IMWe is invited to teach others any special talent of his, customs of one's nation or just anything else creative.


Contrary to the IGs, the MIGs are hosted daily by volunteers who want to teach others singing or playing an instrument, practicing for the Concert at the end of the week, or simply enjoy making music together.

IGs and MIGs
Day Out

The Day Out

For one day the IMWe will take a break from its routine and everyone will spend a Day Out of the Castle. Participants go to a nearby town and bring Scouting to the world by fulfilling tasks made by the teamers. This encourages the scouts to share their culture and Scouting experience with local Germans, and makes them work together regardless of their nationality.


And we can assure you, Day Out is always very relaxing and refreshing!

Founded in 1955


IMWe started off as a creative week for German speaking scouts.

For approximately 40 years the event has participants from countries worldwide and is therefore organised in English.
Only in 1979 and 2003, IMWe did not take place.
Usually the event is hosted at Rieneck Castle, but throughout the years IMWe has taken place in several other spots (for example a
t Lake Bohinj in Slovenia, at Mannsfeld Castle in Germany, or Braunau in Austria).


Find out more about previous themes and programme activities in the —» Archive – Before 2003.


Founded in 1955
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