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IMWe on Moot

The IMWe team containing participants and teamers are promoting IMWe with an own program center on the Moot in Iceland. The IMWe program center is located in the Dragon Village of the Althingi in Ulfljotsvatn.

We offer several walk-in activities

So visit us in the Dragon village!


The Trolls of Iceland

It was a beautiful summer day in Iceland – the sun was playing hide-and-seek with the clouds and the wind, feeling left out, threw a tantrum. All was well.

Bryggo snorted, and hauled himself out of bed. His huge head bumped against the ceiling – Bryggo yelled at it in a very angry voice. He hates the low ceiling in his hut, but he was too lazy to build a new one. Stones were so tasty for breakfast, nomnomnomnom, he did not want to waste them for building.

Carefully he stepped outside his hut and saw Myrola with many cows eating small stones for breakfast. After bumping heads on to the ceiling small stones were the best medication especially if you could share it with Myrola. But Bryggos stomach went crazy as he saw her. Butterflies everywhere and hunger and headache went “puff” into the air.

It was all a bit too much for Bryggos so he decided to go and take a bubble bath in one of the hot springs. By the time he got there it just so happened to be the time of day around which Myrola was also taking a bath. He was overwhelmed by her trolley beauty.

Sun was shining through her wild, wet hair and Bryggos was breathtaken. Myrola came slowly out of the hot, steamy water. Water is dripping down her body. She shaked her tail and put on a towel.

Myrola dropped her towel as she took a step into the hot spring. Bryggos eyes bulged. The hot springs began to steam up. Enveloping the pool in a mist of steam. Bryggos call out “Myrola? Where are you?” He searches until he bumps into some silhouette in the steamy spring. The texture of the object was fleshy with some hair. Myrola was nowhere to be found.

He has been in love with Myrola for a long time but never had the courage to tell her how he feels. He wanted to leave, hoping that one day he will be able to confess, thinking that right now he will only be refused. That was his biggest fear. Not even the sunlight that would turn him into a stone scared him as much as the thought of being rejected by the one troll who he cared the most about.


Trolls' Story

The Pirate Story

„So, there was a pirate ship with a bounty of red paint, and a pirate ship with a bounty of blue paint. What happened then they collided?” Commodore Bob raised one eyebrow, scathingly.

“They were mar-ooned!” giggled Captain Ursula, unabashed. The eyebrow remained.

“Oh, lighten up Bob” Ursula continued., “I think you’ll aaaaaargree it was pretty funny.”

“Be quiet Captain Ursula, you are my prisoner as you are a pirate” Commodore Bob shouted in a squeaky voice, with his face going red. “Me, being your prisoner?” Ursula giggled. “No, I am just here for a cup of tea!” She smiled dangerously and lifted her tea cup to her lips. Commodore Bob emphasised that Ursula was only alive because he had ansered her cry for help from the bottle he found floating in the water saying she was wasted on an Island near Tortuga Bay and had a mermaid for company.

This mermaid was of funny sorts. She wore clam shells as a bra and constantly had a chorus of fish swimming and dancing around her. Ursula was glad that she had been rescued, as if she had stayed there any longer she would surely have gone insane.

“Perhaps that stern mug of yours could do with some excitement?” Ursula remarked “Chase the sun, scare the merchant, find some treasure. Live a little!!”

Commodore Bob’s face remained as blank as ever.

“I have a job. You have a delusion. Perhaps one day you will be useful for something other than children stories.”

“I am a brilliant business woman. As long as ‘Business’ includes selling someone’s things for them.”

“And do I have to remind you that my ‘business’ is what keeps you entertained at day and awoken at night? You wouldn’t be someone of status without us.”

“I would be a happier man without you, pirate scum, sailing around, drinking stolen rum, and stopping at every port to f*ck and kill” said Bob.

Ursula stopped smiling and stared at Bob for a long time. The only sounds that they could hear were the sails flapping in the wind and the waves crashing against the commodore’s ship. Lastly, Ursula said: “You can be as mad as you want with me, but it doesn’t change the fact that you need me!”

Some distance away in Ursula’s pirate ship, Malvin was pretending to do his cleaning tasks while he was eavesdropping on the first mate. The mate’s northern accent and the ship’s movement were interfering with his spying so he only understood the words “call”, “rescue”, “Ursula” and “Kraken”. He wondered what the last one was about.

Suddenly he heard footsteps coming his way and panicked. Then he ran to the main deck and nonchalantly walked in the direction of the rail. He was still trying to figure out what “Kraken” means when he saw, just in front of him an enormous, green, sticky and disgusting tentacle coming out of the water.


Chapter2: Tencale Terror

Suddenly, huge pulsating tentacles sprung forth flailing though the air above the ship. With a thunderous crack Commodore Bob was suspended in the air, tightly clutched within the beast’s tentacles. “Noooooo”, moaned Bob as the tentacles slid up and down his body. Before Bob could scream in delight further the tentacles slipped into his pants, leaving large trails of slime all over Bob, especially in and over his mouth. Finally, the tentacle burst force through Bob, skewering him from one end to the other. Ursula screamed at the site of Bob, who looked both terrified and satisfied simultaneously. Before Ursula knew it, a second Kraken burst forth from beneath the foamy depth. Before Ursula knew it a hurry of slimy gesturing tentacles were flying straight towards the poor, young and frail cleaning boy, Malvin. “Oh no”, Ursula exclaimed as he saw what was beginning to unfold.

Malvin drew his sword ready to fry to fight. However as he did this, another ship appeared that belonged to Captain Rob Powell. The notorious Kraken hunter. Ursula said “Help us!”.....

Pirate Story

Superheros vs. the evil guys

“The sun is raising” Captain Obvious shouted exited. “Well, that is very obvious” Michael replied, “it is morning!” Michael rolled his eyes and went to the other side of the space ship. He ate a pill for breakfast, tasting like broccoli and eggs. He hated this type of food but it was so efficient and fast that he was not thinking too much about it.

They were on a mission – finding the ring of fire before the other did. The others – horrible creatures with 10 arms. How inconvenient! Suddenly he felt the ship is being hit by something big. What happened? It was a big, really big pig with freezing breath.

With fear in his eyes and a considerable amount of poo in his space pants, Captain Obvious yelled “Fire the anti-space pig canons, WOW!!!” In a flurry of activity ports opened all along the side of the shiny hull and huge swirling turrets were brought forth. Each shot beams

Of intense light that scorched the pig from the inside out! Making a screaming noise the once proud beast was reduced to a floating pile of space bacon, floating temptingly in the orbit.

“Dinner is served!” Captain Obvious announced as he slipped away to change his underwear. Upon entering his chamber, he was both horrified and excited to see a Megablaster 5000-X appeared and Rhea flashed them all with her pants, as her kilt flew above her head.

The problem with the Megablaster 5000-X became obvious very quickly. “It takes ages to reload” Captain Obvious said making sure to tell everyone loudly what they already worked out.

Once he made this announcement, it became clear that they would need to McGyver a solution. Using two paperclips, a shoelace, some used chewing gums, a crystal from the dead Death Star and a Leatherman knife, they made the “Reloader”.

“Alas!” cried Madam Fletcher, Captain Obvious’ companion. “It only improves the reloading by 5 seconds. It still needs 2.5 hours to reload the Megablaster 5000!”

“The Bad Guys will be here before then!” shouted Captain Obvious.

Madame Fletcher knew they needed to go on a quest to find the secret ingredient. They need the rarest Scout woggle in the world. Then they went in their space ship to start their amazing quest!

As soon as they entered the space ship, they could see the bad guys coming. They were many, with furious faces and equipped with knifes and broken bottles, ready to do what bad boys do. “They’re coming” Captain Obvious said. The ship, however was not ready to depart. Outnumbered, the superheroes knew that they should do something immediately in order to continue alive.

Liquid girl turned liquid almost immediately which made the bad guys quite confused. They wanted to cut and hit her but their arms went right through her. “They can’t hit her!” screamed Captain Obvious. Anti-Chameleon-Man tried to confuse them to confuse them as well. But turning black instead of white didn’t confuse them. No, in fact the bad guys had never seen a more beautiful thing and they immediately fell in love with him. They just couldn’t help it. Anti-Chameleon-Man had the cutest eyes in space and the bad guys kept staring at them…and staring…and staring until Captain Obvious shot them with he sausages from the sausages canon.

“Eat sausages” he shouted. “They’re pork and delicious!”

“Thanks, we didn’t have breakfast and were starting to get hungry” said the bad guys.

One of the bad guys picked up a sausage and tasted it. He looks like he was thoroughly enjoying it until a peculiar choking sound came from the bottom of his throat…

Superheroes Story
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