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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I registered, but did not get a registration confirmation. Am I registered?
    If all went well with your registration, you should have first received an automatic registration confirmation right after filling in the registration form, and later an email written by our participant contact (from the address "info(at)"). If you did not receive these confirmation emails (and they did not get stuck in your spam filter), please —» contact us as soon as possible!
  • I can't remember if I have registered already; could you please let me know if I am on the registration list?
    If you cannot find a confirmation email from us (""), please —» contact us and we'll let you know if you are registered!
  • I have paid the fee; when will I receive the payment confirmation?
    There might be some delay between the payment arriving on the VCP account and sending out a confirmation to you. This is because we do not have direct access to the VCP account, but instead get a summary of payments every few weeks. As soon as we get the summary, we will send you a confirmation!
  • Can I get some financial support for participating on IMWe?
    IMWe is an international scout leader training after which you will get an official diploma for 50 training hours, including topics such as "Methods for creative programmes with children and young people" and "Comparison of different associations and their leadership understanding". It is in the interest of many local and national scout organisations to support their leaders participation in training events, and many scout associations offer scholarships for courses or, for example, agree on paying some of your travel costs. Take a look at what financial means your scout association offers, or ask if your local group could support you with the participation fee or travel costs! The IMWe team is happy to answer any questions you or your association might have concerning the contents of the training. If you cannot get any support from your own association, we or the —» IMWe Network Association still might be able to help you out in some way if you want to come but cannot afford the fee. Please —» contact us and our finance teamer will get back to you.
  • Is it possible to only attend one day/a couple of days? How much is the fee, if I do not stay for the entire week?
    Yes it is, although you will, of course, miss out on much of the fun! For visits up to three nights you pay a fee of 40€ per night (2020). If you stay for at least four nights you will pay the full participation fee.
  • Can I reserve a spot at IMWe, but pay later/pay at IMWe?
    This might be possible in some cases, but we kindly ask you to contact us for clearing up the details. Please be aware that in a situation where the event is fully booked, participants that have already paid their participation fee are prioritized!
  • What does the IMWe fee consist of? What is my money used for?
    The IMWe participation fee is entirely used for your stay on Rieneck castle and the IMWe programme. For example, the level 1 fee of 340 Euros in 2024 includes: 295 Euros for bed and meals 20 Euros for supporting Level 2 and 3 countries and early birds 10 Euros for deco and programme (Workshops, etc.) 5 Euros for organisation (badge, participants' book, etc.) 10 Euros for the weekend before IMWe where the team prepares the castle and the programme The entire IMWe costs cannot be covered by fees, therefore the camp relies on VCP and external funding.
  • Can I share a room with YY?
    Please write any wishes on your registration form, or contact us directly! We cannot guarantee that every wish is fulfilled (filling the different size rooms in the castle with all our participants can be quite the puzzle!), but we will do our best.
  • I won‘t be able to arrive in time for the evening programme on Sunday. Is it possible to check in later?
    Yes. On Sunday there will be a possibility to check in right after the evening programme has ended. If you arrive later in the week, please find a teamer who will inform you about where and when you can check in.
  • I will arrive one day before IMWe starts / I will depart one day after IMWe ended. – Can I stay at Castle Rieneck?
    During the weekend before IMWe the team is busy with preparations (such as decorating the entire castle according to the IMWe theme of the year), and most years the castle is also hosting another group for the weekend. Please consider instead staying with other IMWe participants coming from nearby and enjoying an evening together before travelling to IMWe on the following day. Our participant contact teamer can help you find a host, please get in touch! It is usually possible to stay at the castle for one night after IMWe (unless the castle is fully booked with other groups), but you will have to pay for one extra night and the included meals. Please mention this at your registration, or write us an email to figure out the details!
  • Can I park at Rieneck Castle?
    If you arrive by car and have plenty of luggage, you can briefly drive up to the castle courtyard for unloading. However, afterwards you will have to park your car on the lower of the two parking lots on the castle hill. Unfortunately space at the castle parking lot is limited and if you arrive late you may have to look for a spot down in the village instead. We recommend the parking lot down at the soccer field!
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