Before IMWe Went Online

IMWe was founded in 1955 and had lots of creative and fun themes ever since.

Check out all IMWe themes back until 1967 before the event entered the digital era!


Thanks to Ulrich Bauer for providing us with tons of material - and to everyone organising and participating in IMWe over the last decades!
IMWe seems to have revived and connected many different worlds, ages and people.

Take a look! One of these original topics might just be the perfect idea for your next scout camp!


Some themes are presented in German, since for many years IMWe was hosted mainly in German, and flyers were often printed in German, English and French. Unfortunately, some of the English versions could not be found anymore...

Cold Lake City ● 2002
India Express ● 2001
The Millenium Bug ● 2000
The King's Fair ● 1999
Bubble III ● 1998
Acalhan - The Living Book ● 1997
RAGGS  ● 1996
Olympus Wants You ● 1995
Riennale ● 1994
Leonardo's Secret Circle ● 1993
Atlantis emerged ● 1992
Zirkus ● 1991
All Hands on Deck ● 1990
Bärenthal im Elsaß ● 1989
Die Seidenkarawane ● 1988
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