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IMWe around the year!


Around the Year - especially on the 15th of every month at 19:19 Rieneck time in the Virtual Basement on our Discord Channel!


The world wide internet


Meetups on Discord, whatever programme or activities that YOU want to offer!



Friends of IMWe from near and afar

Any Questions? Write to us!


Or go to —» Contact

Who can participate?

  • Anyone interested in IMWe!

    • Maybe you haven't been able to sign up for IMWe because of work? Now you can!

    • Maybe you have been thinking for years that you would like to participate, but didn’t quite dare to? Let this be your low threshold option to try out some IMWe from the safety of your own home!

    • Or maybe you have been to IMWe 20 years ago and would like to try it again? Welcome!

How do I know what is going on?

  • Keep your eyes open for announcements on our facebook and instagram accounts!

  • Our Discord channel is our hangout area where hopefully many of the activities can be done directly, and where you can see who else is  around.


Discord allows you to chat via text message or by entering one of the audio chat rooms, which you enter/switch by clicking on them. Furthermore, small video chats are possible. You can reach it via the following link: For help, or if you want to start a new room, please contact Jens (jens.buss[at]


  • Various activities might happen all over the Internet - video conference tools, online whiteboards and notepads, instagram, facebook… the organizers of each event chooses whatever platform fits their needs best. Just remember to announce your activity on the Discord Blackboard first! 

  • If you need a storage space for your activity, or want to show off your results, you can use our google drive folder

We are aware that even google storage space isn’t endless, so please consider the size of your contributions, and ask the team before uploading anything gigantic!



What can I offer?

  • What would YOU like to do with IMWe people online? A scout skills Interest Group? An online escape room or scavenger hunt ? Making music together? Listening to music together? Poetry slam? A brunch? A session of sewing all those scout badges onto your uniform? Playing video games together? Seeing people set up tents in their living rooms? Be creative (yet polite!) and go wild! 

  • Just a brief reminder: the language of IMWe and all the activities offered is English.

How can I offer an activity?

HELP! I need help with all of this!

  • Don't panic! As usual, you can contact the IMWe team at

  • If you need help with our various online platforms, please contact our Tech-Wizards Jens (jens.buss[at] or Sebi (sebastian.fryburg[at]

  • If you have questions to a specific programme point, please contact whoever offers that activity!


​We kindly ask you to please keep in mind that we IMWe teamers can unfortunately not be around 24/7 on our online channels. We will be reading our emails, but not every hour... please be patient! We are certain you understand that we cannot offer a full professional helpdesk or moderation service for an online IMWe around the year. Thank you for your understanding!

Contact, Links, Platforms and Tools


Our Social Media and official channels:

IMWe Homepage:

Facebook Page: @vcp.imwe

Facebook Group: IMWeb

Instagram: @vcp_imwe

Twitter: @vcp_imwe

Our official event platforms and tools:


Google Drive Folder for results and outcomes from your activities

Technical Support:

Jens: jens.buss[at]

Sebi: sebastian.fryburg[at]

Tools you might want to check out and use for your activities:

    "Make beautiful boards, documents, and webpages that are easy to read and fun to contribute to" (Requires login)

    "Miro is a fast, free, and simple-to-use online whiteboard built to help you collaborate with others any time, anywhere."

    an online brainstorming tool, "MURAL enables innovative teams to think and collaborate visually to solve important problems. People benefit from MURAL’s speed and ease of use in creating diagrams, which are popular in design thinking and agile methodologies, as well as tools to facilitate more impactful meetings and workshops."

    A different videochat environment where you and your friends can move in a virtual world while chatting, forming groups in different spots or just explore a tropical island... (requires google chrome as browser)

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