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Luisa's Story

What I brought home from IMWe

At the “Heroes and Gods” IMWe in 2016, I was able to join the “graphic arts and drawings workshop” lead by our workshop teamer Brajda.

During the week she continually set up little drawing and creative tasks to develop our sketching skills and push our fantasy on what to draw. We were able to either practice small details and figures but also to take time to develop bigger and more complex pictures while chatting to each other or listening to the IMWe concert of 2015 and the band Kings of Convenience.

One of my pictures was about a field trip to the German museum “Universum” with three of my friends from back home. Once I send them a picture of my drawing, they immediately requested that I would do an art workshop with them back home.

On the last day of our workshop, Brajda allowed us to take sheets with figure and object samples back home and two weeks later my friends and I already ended up sitting at the table in my living room, listening to IMWe concerts and sketching and drawing for hours – so concentrated that we weren’t even chatting…

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