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Advertising & the Promo Challenge

If you would like to get more Scouting friends onboard you can advertise IMWe by simply telling others about IMWe, by giving out flyers or writing articles. Check out our promotion ideas and spread the word!

For next IMWe we thought of several tasks for you to get more people to join! Are you accepting the challenge?

Spreading Flyers

Are you going to a Scout Camp soon? Please take some flyers with you! If you don't want to print out the template, then we are happy to send you some IMWe-postcards to distribute: Send us —» an e-mail and don't forget to state your address!

Writing an Article

Please feel free to advertise IMWe in your national Scouting Magazines, as well as at internationl meetings!

You are welcome to use the IMWe logo and flyer. If you need anything else, don't hesitate to contact us!


Year after year our IMWe evaluation shows that IMWe participants are the best advertisement for our awesome event. Most of you have been brought to IMWe by someone who had been there before.

Now is your chance to spread the word of IMWe to your friends in scouting! We have four tasks for you, ranging from ridiculously easy to true challenges! If you perform 3 out of 4 tasks you will be rewarded!

Everyone can join the Promo Challenge, even if you do not plan to attend IMWe 2017!

1. Aaarrrrr!

Did you already watch our short —» Trailarrrrrrrrrrrrrr?

Please help us making the film even longer by posting your wildest ARRRRRRR to us! Seriously, you could do it in 30 seconds right after reading this!

2. Please tell us, what did you bring home from IMWe?

Send us a story, a picture, a video or any other documentation on how you introduced something that you learned at IMWe to your Scout group, workplace or friends.
Maybe you can share your workshop skills with a group of rovers? Or play one of our games with your entire tribe? Or read some of the Closing of the Day texts from the —» Archive in the evening at a camp? Or sing some song you learned in the basement at the next campfire at home?

3. Bring a New Participant

IMWe wants you… and now IMWe also wants your friends!

4. Bring a New Country

We want to see new faces, hear new languages and sing new songs! Prove your skills as a globetrotting polyglot multicultural scout by bringing a participant to IMWe from a country that hasn’t visited the event during the past three years.

Here is a lost

Scouts from these countries have participated on IMWe the past three years:

Australia, Austria, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Latvia, Norway, Poland, Russia, Slovenia, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, United Kingdom.

Promo Challenge


For those of you who do three of these challenges we have a real treat for reward: you will get a free IMWe t-shirt or an IMWe canvas bag (new thing for 2017!). Just let us know in time before IMWe who your new participants are!


Please send in your videos, stories, pictures and other contributions!

We will be happy to spread them around as IMWe promotion via Facebook and on this website!

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