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IMWe 2014

IMAGINARIUM - Welcome to a World of Wonders


On the outskirts of a big and busy metropolis city of our world, on a small pastoral meadow that has somehow stayed unchanged for centuries in the changing times, an amazing show takes place once every twenty years or so.

Have you ever seen it? Or have your parents or grandparents maybe told you about the small, gaily painted one-horse carriage and the beautiful gypsy lady driving it? Have you heard about the strange, wild creatures performing on the stage – some half animals, others talking and walking machines…


Rieneck Castle



Sunday 13.04. - Monday 21.04.2014


Workshop material for —» L.A.R.P.

Texts of the —» Closing of the Day

Invitation —» Flyer


—» Through the Door

Check out —» songs from other IMWes


Enter the —» Picture Gallery 2014 using the password.
Hint for password: What is the name of the RULER?


Find footage of the Creative Evening on —» Vimeo
using the same password as for the photos!

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