1st IMWe - What's Your Story?

How is it to participate on IMWe for the first time? Most of us would reply -"Not at all what I excepted it to be like!"

Here participants of IMWe share their stories and explain what they learned and experienced.
Find out about their impressions and memories below.

If you have already attended IMWe, and you are eager to write your own story, please contact us —» via e-mail.

Jostein, Norway
Aljaž, Slovenia
Davis, Latvia
Birgitte, Denmark
Elle, UK
Clemens, Austria
Michi, Austria
Inga, Iceland
Steffi, Austria
Liene, Latvia
Lübeck, Germany
Julia, Finland
Enikő, Hyngary
Michel, Germany
Ellen, Norway
Valentin, Austria
Brajda, Croatia
Bettina, Austria