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Birgitte (Denmark)






New friends – new skills – new ideas – and not enough sleep

My best scout event was wood-badge-course – until I (in1993) made a looong journey to a small village called Rieneck (couldn’t even find it on the map and we didn’t have internet at that time). But I found the castle (some of the scouts I met in the train must
have been there before) – and I found my first IMWe:


Magic, fun, late nights (early mornings) in the basement, music, dream-time, creative workshops and trying to remember some of the German words I should have learned in school. And IMWe-lag several months after IMWe - knowing I had to wait a whole year for the next IMWe.


At home I was always planning for others, at IMWe everything was planned for me. In the workshop I had time to work with something I liked - in more the just a few hours.

A result of IMWe:

Worked with inlaid work (intarsia) for the first time years ago at IMWe and when I got back home, I just had to learn more – went to a course (the firm that restores furniture for the Danish National Museum) and I still use my skills mostly in scouting but also at home. 


I went from making A to B    

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