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Brajda (Croatia)

My first IMWe was back in 2004, the same year when many fantastic IMWeans came to Rieneck for the first time - Schabi and other Austrians, Lars from Germany, Inga from Iceland, Latvians…


I ended up at IMWe by pure chance. A friend of mine, Nedeljka Stanic, had an accident right before IMWe and in my scout unit they were looking for someone to replace her, as she was already registered. I only had a week to decide, pack and think of a costume!

In the following years I managed to get more Croatians to join IMWe. Unfortunately in the last few years I was the only participant from Croatia, but hopefully that will change.

IMWe 2011 felt again a bit like first time - that year I became part of the international team that organizes the event and got a chance to experience IMWe behind the scenes - priceless.

On the photo: Creative evening back in 2004. At the beginning it was just me and 2 girls from Poland, Agata and Aleksandra, teaching me a Polish scout song. Then some people heard us practicing in the corridor and just joined us one by one so at the end we were 9 persons on stage. On IMWe you always find someone to join in whatever you are up to.

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