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Davis (Latvia)



















My IMWe story starts already in 2007, when i went to an international event organized by IMWe teamers and IMWeans called “Whisperville”. That camp showed me how great scouting is by having lots of creative, funny and really awesome people. It gave me the feeling, that I am trying to catch every Easter holiday at IMWe. So far I have been to four IMWes.


My special story of IMWe is about Creative evening. I had an idea of a synchronized swimming  performance for it, and I needed three guys who would accept performing with me. I don’t think that there are many camps where you can just go to a person who you know for some four days, that would agree to go on stage in front of all the audience wearing just underpants. As this performance was a great success, we have continued making something funny every year, with a mission to top the previous performance.


The only thing that everyone who comes to IMWe for the first time has to watch out of is the addiction of the camp itself. Once you have been here you cannot really skip a year.

On the photo: me at Whisperville 2007, the camp where I realised that I want to go to IMWe

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