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Ellen (Norway)





So my first IMWe was in 2009 with the theme Intrigue at the Opera and I was sort of ambushed with a flyer from Jostein at our scout centre in Norway. The funny part was that the flyer was in German (He had brought the wrong ones..), and I was the only one who could read it because I am half-german.. Jostein, Mads and Lise Lotte decided for me that evening that I HAD to come to IMWe! And therefore I booked my ticket and came along without even knowing them that well.. And it was the best decision of my life!


It was overwhelming, fun, stressful and there were too many great people to get to know in too short amount of time! Also it was really hot weather in Rieneck and in Norway we still had like a meter of snow, so I had all the wrong stuff with me, I thought it would be cold there too.. So after getting rid of all of my sweaters and scarves and buying short pants in Gemünden (Very stylish!) I was ready for IMWe

After my second IMWe I wanted to broaden my horizons and went traveling in Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Austria and Hungary. And I never once stayed in a hotel, I visited two scout camps and a Music festival and got to see around 20 cities within 30 days and stayed the whole of my trip only with people I’ve gotten to know in Rieneck or my own family.

My warning to people coming to imwe is that it is HIGHLY addictive, you just have to go again and again and again!

And you get the IMWe-blues hard when you leave. I have never missed people in my life as much as these crazy strangers I spent a week with some time in some small town in Germany.

How I would describe IMWe? I have only two words: “Crazytivity” and “love”!

They describe it all, every person, every year, every minute, every second!

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