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Enikő (Hungary)








I got to hear of IMWe from some of our German exchange-scouts with whom we went hiking in the nearby hills in Hungary in 2001. It all sounded fascinating and very mysterious. I decided to give it a try in 2003 - but unfortunately it did not take place that year.


I did not give up, I wanted to know, and then I had the honor not just to be a part of it, but also to organize it. It was the greatest adventure I ever had. I have learned so much and had a lot of fun!

I love the atmosphere - every year we create a different setting - from the Hansaetic League, the Body from Within or to Sherlock Holmes. Decoration and great costumes that make you believe you are in Japan or in the space.

After IMWe you will have scout friends all over Europe. Until the next IMWe you can travel to or be visited by the “IMWenians”, like a scout couchsurfing, get to know other countries and exciting people.

One of the highlights of IMWe for me is the Concert, it is performed by the participants, no matter if they are beginners or great musicians, but it enchants you every time. With some of the IMWenians we decided also to meet now and then to make music.

And so became that IMWe is not just a 10 day program every year, but a great possibility for your whole life to explore things which give you friendship, music, creativity… - or whatever you find in the big magic box of IMWe. See you there!

On the photo: Me as a Fortune Teller at IMWe 2004

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