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IMWe 2022 and the Corona Virus

Information from 11th of March 2022


Dear Participants,

This is the announcement that you’ve been all waiting 2 years for: IMWe 2022 will be happening in person at Burg Rieneck!

Last weekend, the Team discussed both the circumstances under which IMWe could be organized and what regulations can realistically be enforced throughout the week. Therefore, we have decided on the following:

  • The event will be open only for people who have a valid vaccination certificate according to German rules/Bavaria. In other words:

    • Either, you need to be vaccinated twice and the second dose cannot be older than 9 months (this also apples to people vaccinated with Johnson & Johnson)

      • (If you have been vaccinated three times, the last injection cannot be older than 9 months.)

    • Accepted vaccines

      • Comirnaty® von BioNTech/Pfizer.

      • Spikevax® von Moderna

      • Janssen® von Johnson & Johnson

      • Nuvaxovid® von Novavax

    • Or if you have had and recovered from COVID19, you will still need a vaccination certificate as well. The following rules then apply:

      • Recovered then Vaccinated once à vaccination not older than 9 months

      • Recovered then vaccinated twice à vaccination not older than 9 months

      • Vaccinated once then recovered à recovery not older than 3 months

      • Vaccinated twice then recovered à recovery not older than 3 months

  • Upon arrival at the castle you will have to present a negative test result.

    • Either a PCR test not older than 48 hours on arrival

    • Or an Antigen/Lateral Flow test not older than 24 hours on arrival

  • Additionally, everyone will be tested when they arrive before they are allowed to enter the castle. For that, a testing station will be set up in front of the gates to the Castle. Thus, driving up the hill with the car won’t be possible. Please park your car on the lower parking lot or in the town.

  • During IMWe we will additionally be testing during the week. The number of tests and on which days are still being decided, but you will be informed beforehand.


  • There is the possibility of some or all of the event being cancelled due to a positive COVID19-case. Keep that in mind while planning your travel. Your travel costs CANNOT be reimbursed.

  • If you cannot attend IMWe due to COVID-related occurrences, your fee will be transferred back to you. This year, there is no cancellation fee. If IMWe is cancelled during the event, however, reimbursement for the remaining days cannot be guaranteed.

  • The German standard for masks is the FFP2 style mask, as opposed to the blue surgical masks, or fabric masks. The rules on mask wearing at the event are still being clarified, but currently we expect that masks will (at minimum) be required in the castle hallways and while standing/collecting food in the dining room. Masks will not be required in sleeping rooms or while eating (obviously!). The mask requirements for all the programme points are still being discussed.


  • In areas where masks will not be required, it is everyone’s right to decide whether or not they wish to wear them, and we will not allow any discrimination against this choice. If you will be uncomfortable being around people not wearing masks we suggest you carefully consider whether you wish to attend.


  • Disinfectant/hand sanitizer stations will be set up around the castle.

  • Close body-contact games/activities will not be permitted this year (like the big hugging circle, Slovenian kissing game etc.) If you plan on contributing to the programme (for example, offering an IG or presenting something on International Evening), please keep this in mind, and if in doubt, please ask the team.

  • While we will be putting some measures in place, we cannot guarantee that maintaining social distancing will be possible. If this will be a problem for you, we suggest you carefully consider whether you wish to attend.

  • This year the bed linen MUST   be rent from the castle. For that, please bring additional 5€ to be paid upon arrival. This is a castle rule.

  • If you are hoping to visit for a few days rather than the whole week, please let us know asap. At this moment, we cannot guarantee that we can accept short term visitors.

In general, an in-person event bears a certain risk that cannot be avoided. Therefore, if you feel uncomfortable exposing yourself to this risk, you might want to carefully consider whether you wish to join us this year as the Team cannot guarantee a completely non-infectious event. By enforcing additional safety measures and testing strategy, we try to ensure a minimum risk of COVID19-infections without greatly changing aspects that make IMWe an unique experience (like singing in the basement).

Last but not least, on the 28th of March (20:00 Rieneck Time) the Team is offering a Q&A Sessions on Discord where the COVID19-concept will be presented in detail and you will have the opportunity to ask questions and voice concerns you might have.

Please note, that the registration deadline for IMWe 2022 is on Friday 25.3!

If you have further questions or want to talk to the team before that, do not hesitate to contact us.

We are excitedly looking forward to IMWe 2022 in our beloved Castle in Rieneck - until then, stay healthy and see you soon!

The IMWe-Team

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