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Jostein (Norway)




















Just before Christmas in 1994 I saw a tiny notice in the Norwegian Scout magazine:


“International Creative Workshop in Germany this Easter? Contact the national office for more information”.


Needless to say, that’s what I did, and some months later, my brother and I walked up the steep hill to Rieneck for the first time. You have to understand that Norway is not a civilized country with a long and glorious history. We simply don’t have any castles, and Rieneck was as exotic as anything I’d ever visited before. 

We might not have read the information too carefully in advance and showed up without costumes. Luckily the theme was ancient Greece, and the Rieneck blankets made perfect togas (only itching a little). 

IMWe was, and still is, everything good that is scouting, but also so much more. 20 years later, I can’t possibly imagine how my life would have been without it. Lifelong friendships, hilarious storylines and bigger-than-life musical experiences.

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