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Programme IMWe 2021

If you registered for IMWe 2021,  then please read trough the information carefully to organize all you need for your trip to the Living Library this Easter!

Welcome to an Online IMWe!

Hello! 0110101101001 Anybody out there? 1010111000111 They say there's 010111010110 a world outside 01101101011010 but 011101101101 but 0101101110110101011 I seem to be stuck here 1101010111010111 how 01101010111 annoying 010110110 can you help me? 00101110 Escape!!!!1111111!!11!111

(Un-)fortunately online IMWe is back in 2021, offering an opportunity for all the friends of IMWe to come together, yet keeping a safe distance! Our discord channel will be open for a friendly chatting time (daily at 14 Rieneck time!), games, music, crafts, IGs, International Evening, workshops, concert... We are doing our very best to bring as much IMWe as possible right to your home!

Where to start? Join the live-stream of the Opening of IMWe 2021 on Sunday 28.3 at 20:00 Rieneck time! During the evening you will get to know what is going on during the week and who is participating on the event, and maybe get a hint or two regarding some mysteries 01110110101110111!!11!1!11!!

Check out some of the highlights of the week below! And remember, this IMWe is shaped by all of us - we are looking forward with excitement to new programme points (or old classics) from all you participants! Check out the page "how to participate" to learn more...

Please note that some of the programme points and workshops require you to prepare on beforehand! Keep reading and check out what you need at home for a perfect IMWexperience!

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Travelling to Rieneck
Costume & Props
WhatsApp Image 2021-02-27 at

Many IMWeans love to put a lot of effort into their costumes each year, and just because we're not meeting in person this year doesn't mean you can't have fun creating a costume! We'd love to see your creations, outfits, props and makeup inspired by the theme.
There will be a Discord channel where you can post photos and videos.

Scouting Café

If you want to discuss and learn more about topics within Scouting and Guiding -Scouting Café  is the place to be! You will also have the opportunity to announce upcoming events and camps within a presentation of maximum 3 min. If you want to contribute a specific topic, please fill out the form. And if you have any further questions, Josie and Ronja are happy to help:



What to bring
Day Out

Dare to leave your cozy online reality and venture outdoors! Botty (have you met him already on Discord?) wants You to make a guide map for him...Caution: you might encounter sunshine, an april shower or singing birds!

Check out the discord text chat "Day Out" for more information on how to participate!

International Evening

This International Evening we'd like to invite you to a cosy night of eating and chatting.

While we can't have our usual banquet of tasty delights from around the world, we thought it would be fun to open some snacks together. We decided to go for Asian snacks at they can be so different from what we might normally have. You might like to buy one of the snack boxes linked below and we'll all unbox then together!

If you don't want to or can't buy from Amazon, feel free to order a similar Asian snack box. Or if you can't get hold of a box, or if you'd rather not buy one, just bring along some of your own favourite snacks and drinks!

We'd love you to contribute to the evening, so:
- if you have a favourite snack recipe from your country, we'd like to collect them together to share with everyone
- if you'd like to contribute a small sketch or song, please pre-record it and send us the link
- and if you have any easy games we can all play online, let us know

(Please send any recipes, videos or game ideas to eleanor.grieveson[at]

Snack box links:

Night Game

Riddle after riddle. Room escape is a thing, but have you ever tried to escape to the world outside? We won't tell you anymore about the evening in an online scavenger hunt, except for: Be there on Friday at 08:00 pm


Our campfire will be a little smaller this year, we invite you to join us by candlelight. Sing along to some favourite campfire songs, eat some campfire snacks, and stare into the flames with us.

Let us know on Discord if there's a particular song you'd like, or a game you want to contribute.

Holy Week Programme

Though we cannot celebrate Easter with a walk through springtime Rieneck or a nice service in the castle chapel, we would like to invite you to join us for an Easter Walk somewhere near you and afterwards for an ecumenical "Easter brunch service" together on Discord on Sunday morning at 10:00.


Download the introduction letter from the calendar or discord and go for a refreshing walk!

Living Library

You are invited to a virtual LIVING LIBRARY, either as curious readers, or as books.

We will be hosting a living library afternoon espresso shots on Wednesday 31.03.2021 from 15:00 to 17:00 Rieneck Time and a living library brunch on Friday 02.04.2021 from 11:00  to 13:00  Rieneck Time. Feel free to bring yummy snacks, a soothing cup of tea or a jazzy espresso shot with you. 


The living library method, used worldwide on various events, seeks to promote understanding and dialogue between different people and to fight prejudices and discrimination. When visiting the living library you select a book from a catalogue, but instead of piles of paper you will get to “borrow” a real person – with a story to tell! You will then be able to ask the book whatever questions you have concerning the topic. Remember to be respectful, do not bend the pages, or spill coffee on them!  As a book you get to share something about yourself or a topic that is important to you, spreading awareness or just giving handy hints for life.

Volunteer to be a book: Obviously, there would be no living library without books. Therefore, we are hoping that many of you will volunteer for this programme point! Do you have a story to tell? What kind of books are we looking for? Do you have a cool hobby or skill? Or a typical “dream job”? Let people know how life really is as a parent, a pilot, ballet dancer, farmer, actress, policeman… Everyone has a story to tell and we are looking forward to reading yours :) Please fill this form to register your book.

IMWe T-shirt

This year the IMWe T-shirt (or pyjamas, baseball cap, scarf, underpants...) is printed by YOU! Check out the "print-your-own-imwe-t-shirt" channel on Discord for  instructions and downloadable patterns!

Get involved
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