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Steffi (Austria)

I first heard from IMWe because of Oli back in the year 1998 and followed him to “some creative Scout Meeting”. I didn’t know anything about it! The Theme in 1998 was “Bubble III” and I thought there was already a “Bubble I” and a “Bubble II”. I didn’t get that each year has its own theme!!!


I remember my first IMWe week as overwhelming international experience, making new friends (especially from Norway), nearly no sleep and lots of creative activity. I took part in my second choice Workshop “Rythm on stage” which actually is responsible for me going on stage the first time and going on at home with other stage experiences. I was totally infected and haven’t missed any IMWe since then. I hope that lots of Young People get also the IMWe Virus and will continue the successful Story!

On the photo: Oli and Steffi on Day Out (Trip to Würzburg)

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