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Valentin (Austria)

After my first time at Rieneck, the Medieval Week 2003, my first IMWe was 2004 “The Hanseatic League”. My memories of that IMWe (and, incidentally, many that followed) are a bit blurry - probably because of a potent mix of sleep deprivation, Keiler and Jostein’s Snus. The first person I remember meeting at IMWe was Enikö, in the Basement, who was dressed up as a lovely fortune teller. She just started talking to me and we instantly got along! Later that evening (I think), the Icelanders arrived and, led by Inga’s vocal performance, hit the basement like a volcanic party cloud :-) It was an almost unreal, perfect night!

My best IMWe moment? Crying tears laughing many, many times - be it because of Clemens cracking jokes, Michele’s performances or Mad’s funny faces.

My best IMWe advice: Too exhausted to make it for breakfast? Tell your friends to make you an IMWe-burger and take a boiling hot shower to re-energize your body.

My word of warning: All other Scouting experiences will feel a bit dull after having experienced IMWe…

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