IMWe 2008

Arabian Nights: Bazaar in Al'Mashewa


The sun sets slowly and casts a bronze glaze over the dunes. The air is full of oriental fragrances.
Listen! Can you hear the shouting and murmuring of the nearby village?
Quick! Saddle your camel and hurry up because... it's bazaar in Al'Mashewa!


Rieneck Castle



Sunday 16.03. - Monday 24.03.2008

Workshop IFC - Identifying Flying Carpets

Hot Air Balloon Construction - 25 KB [pdf]


Songs / Audio

The IMWe song 2009

IMWe 2009 concer zip file (70 mb)

Music Time Choir - Spirit of God

Music Workshop - Bach - D min double

Rebecca & Christoph - Georgia on my mind

Rebecca & Christoph - House of the rising sun

Austrian folk

Michi & Maggy - Everything's in vain

Music Workshop - Somewhere over the rainbow

Icelanders - Islandic Song

Music Workshop - Vem kan segla

Music Workshop - Pachelbel - Canon

Latvian girls - Latvian song

Music Workshop - Fireworks

Frank & Jostein - Street parade

Mazara's dream - The trapez swingers

Music Workshop - Inside



The Overmura Moving Cake (Slovenian)

Future Scouting - Croatian presentation

Team presentation "happily ever after"



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