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IMWe 2010

Expedition Lost - Secrets of the Forgotten Diary

You are all alone, out there in this dark and godforsaken jungle. "You shouldn't have done that!”, maybe your last thought... Strident skirls of some parrots disturbing the morning calmness of this land of no return. You relight the campfire in order to be safe from those beasts, waiting for their breakfast just around the corner. Listen to yourself: your heart is beating like never before, the blood in your veins is running as wildly as the nature around you. Slowly you remember WHY you have to go through all this madness and exertions...



Rieneck Castle



Sunday 23.03. - Monday 05.04.2010


—» Invitation English

Material from the —» Leather Workshop 

Text of the —» Closing of the Day

IMWe song 2010: Jungle Fever

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Hint for password: What was the name of the vegetarian cannibal?

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