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IMWe 2013

The Lotus Dynasty

A world of enormous beauty welcomes you. The place where cherry blossoms shine, dragonflies hover over beautiful lakes and geishas glide smoothly over greenest grass. Samurais protect the realm.

Thank you for visiting Edo - the greatest city of Japan!


Rieneck Castle



Sunday 24.03. - Monday 01.04.2013


—» Invitation English

Concert recording —» Concert file

Song List —» Concert Programme

Texts of —» Closing of the Day

Documentation of the —» Night Game

Documentation of the —» End Game

Instructions to —» Japanese Crafting

Workshop material for —» Comics


—» Here in Japan

Check out —» songs from other IMWes



Enter the —» Picture Gallery 2013 using the password.
Hint for password: Which Japanese dish was luckily NOT served at IMWe?

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