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IMWe 2017

Aaarrrrr... you up for adventure???


The Pirates are off to their annual Round searching the seas for goods to loot!
For freedom, for glory, for gold and for rum - a life without compare!


Sunday 9.04. - Monday 17.04.2017


Rieneck Castle


Invitation —» Postcard

Texts  —» Closing of the Day

Inky Adventures —» The Colouring Book

The mystery book —» Do you have some rum for me


IMWe Song 2017 —» A Pirate's Life

Song by Flo V. & Frithjof —» All Hands on Deck

Song by Flo V. —» Bones

Song by Flo V. —» Dämmerzeit


Enter the —» Picture Gallery 2017 using the password.
Hint for Password: ahem... the feces of Captain Birdy's best friend...

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