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IMWe 2021


Escape! There's a World Outside


Sun 28.03. - Sun. 04.04.2021


The world wide internet


Plenty of online offers from online scavenger hunt to pattern doodling, murder mystery to candlelight campfire


Friends of IMWe from near and far

Due to the ongoing Corona Crisis, IMWe on Rieneck Castle was cancelled for a second year in a row. Instead, we went online, starting with with a Live Stream Opening Ceremony on Sunday on Youtube and continuing with various events throughout the week until the End Ceremony a week later. This time we had had more time to prepare, and several traditional offline IMWe programme points, such as International Evening, were reshaped into an online format.

Photos - Crafty Creations from IMWe 2021

Enter the —» Picture Gallery 2021 using the password.

Hint for Password: German name of the beautiful workshop room on the top of the tower of Castle Rieneck.


Other Memories

Who-is-Who: the participants of IMWe 2021 present themselves

Videos & Music:

Meme Challenge

Click to see full pictures!

Workshop presentations

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