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IMWe 2023 - Costume and Ideas

Every IMWe has its own theme with a certain setting of time and location. In 2023 we will have to face all kind of scary monsters one can imagine.

Participants are asked to bring a costume based on the theme, you will wear this several times throughout the week. Creativity has no limits here, if you want to dive in and create something amazing, we’d love that!

This year we will meet at Castle Dreadmore where animals, vampires, werewolves, skeletons, all sort of creatures and even humans come together. But wait, was this person walking by still alive?

From a skeleton to a vampire, super fancy werewolf or a simple bedsheet ghost – there are literally no limits.

Please remember to sharpen your teeth, polish your claws, brush your fur and most important fill your blood containers!

And on a practical note: remember to take the weather into account and note that you will have to move around the castle in your costume, so think practically or at least allow for an extra jumper or wearing trainers when necessary.


Costume Ideas
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