Every IMWe has its own theme with a certain setting of time and location.


IMWe 2019: Books books books - this year it is all about them and the characters living inside them. Think about the magical, fictional idols of your childhood, how you got lost between the pages for hours, lost in your imagination while reading about them. 

Slip into the the role of your favourite book character and bring him to life in the Living Library! 

Many of the programme points are connected to the theme with everyone acting out their part. Therefore, we ask you to bring a costume that goes along with the theme. Creativity has no limits here, an old classic or a modern hero? 

However, do consider that IMWe will take place during April – you should bring some cold weather add-on for your costume as some activities (e.g. a group game) might take place outside. Most other programme points will be inside – but you will always have to pass a courtyard outdoors.


Costume Ideas
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