On the first evening of camp you will choose a workshop that you will take part in for the whole week. We will present them in more detail on Sunday evening, but here is a sneak peek of the descriptions, and information on whether you might need to bring anything specific.

One Person Show

IMWe has a lot of opportunities to perform and shine like a star. This workshop is about challenging yourself to do it on your own. We want to explore things like storytelling, poetry slam or stand-up comedy (optionally including music) with you and form a supporting group to finalize your solo act. We want to give you space and basic instructions to fine tune your performance and dazzle the audiences all by yourself.

Under Control

You want to learn to control the world of machines. Come to this workshop and learn the basics of the language of the robots and mechanic world. To join this, you need a translator device (notebook) to have an easier entry to the robot world. Let’s discover the creativity of the world of zeros and ones.

Cardboard Furniture


Do you love cardboard?

Ever dreamt of making a lamp out of a box, wanted to sit in a sofa made enirerly of cardboard or wanted to make more of your amazon purchases?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, than become a DIY master by joining the cardboard furniture workshop!

Modern Cardmaking

Christmas, Birthday, wedding, new baby, graduation... There are just so many occassions around the year to surprise your friends and family with a handmade greeting!

The workshop will start with learning basic papercraft techniques together - from stamping and embossing to inking beautiful backgrounds and using a die cutter. Later in the week you will have plenty of time to work on your own projects or to keep learning even more complex techniques.

Quantity (60 Christmas present tags for your entire scout tribe) or quality (one perfect wedding card for your very best friend)? Your choice! Remember: for composing a great card you don't need any drawing skills or a pretty handwriting - let the beautiful papers and stamps do the work for you!

Make Up Your Own Characters

Bring out your undead. Drag yourself together. Seriously maim and injure your best friend. Put on some femme fatale glamour. Become whoever you can fantasise.

All this and more in our make up workshop. Male, female, both our neither, you'll be shown the techniques to change your face to become whoever you want to be. From facepaints and festival glitter, to fake blood and foundation, free your face with the power of makeup!


Please bring:

- Any unwanted/sharable make up, face paint etc

- Similarly unwanted/sharable brushes, sponges etc

- Old towels or fabric for covering surfaces/clothes

- Small mirrors


Illumination & Calligraphy

Discover the world of ancient illumination and modern calligraphy and lettering techniques.

You will be provided with all material needed, from gold leaf to colourful inks.


Try out different styles and find your own wayto express
yourself on paper.

Comedy Performance

Pantomime, Comedy, Fun, all in one. In this workshop you can turn yourself upside down and inside out.

Let your expression and your body tell a story – learn and teach new acting skills, discover what you can achieve on stage.


Amuse, entertain, and flabbergast not only the audience but also yourself!

Wonderful Weaving World​

Join a world of meditating ups and downs in a worderful relaxed atmosphere. Learn and practise one of  the oldest handycraft techniques and get a new perspective on it.


If you can please bring wool, weaving frames, big needles, Old T-shirts(to cut). (ALSO IF YOU´RE NOT JOINGING THE WORKSHOP)