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IMWe 2022 - Workshops

On the first evening of camp you will choose a workshop that you will take part in for the whole week. We will present them in more detail on Sunday evening, but here is a sneak peek of the descriptions, and information on whether you might need to bring anything specific.

La folle improvvisazione

The stage is yours! With just a prompt, an idea or a short brainstorming new characters come to life. On this journey we shall explore the world of acting games, play with absurdity, get wild and creative, while getting to know each others’ unique approaches and enjoying the unforeseeable that improv acting has to offer. Welcome to all, regardless of acting experience 😊

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Crafty Boxes

You want to work and experiment with paper, fabric, wool, colours and all other sorts of stuff? Then be part of the transformation from old shoeboxes into wonderful little scenes. Let your wildest dreams become a cinematic sensation. From a tragic Romeo & Julia scene to a bamboozling phantasy - everything impossible becomes possible.

If you already have an idea and things at home you want to build into your box – bring it along! 😊

Movie (trailer) Stars!

Have you ever wanted to film a cool movie with dramatic, funny and exciting scenes, but can't be bothered with all the story-bits in between? Are you made for glaring into the camera, looking dangerous or posing impressively, but can't remember any lines? Or do you want to try your skill at cutting a video into tiny bits where every second counts and the story races on at a breakneck speed? If so, this is the right workshop for you!


We will script, film and edit our own movie trailers, working in small groups but with the support of the whole workshop where needed. No previous skills in moviemaking are required (but we are sure that experienced editors will find exciting challenges as well!). An own laptop for reviewing and editing the material is welcome but not necessary.


We use paper every day, but have you ever tried to make your own? We will start our own recycling business, but not only with paper, even grass or asparagus peels can become paper. You can bring dried flowers, pigments, asparagus peels, colored napkins or gold leaf to spice up your homemade cards, wrapping paper or stationery. Join us and learn one of the oldest crafts in the history of mankind.

Playing with Patterns

Spend a week exploring the repeating, spiralling and radiating world of patterns. We will explore patterns in nature, architecture and art. We’ll create using leaves, paint, stones, pencils, sweets, paper, beer bottles, fabric, light and whatever else you can find lying around. No artistic experience necessary, just an excitement to play.

(You may recognise this workshop from 2021 where it was run online, hopefully in person we can do even bigger and better things, and there will be extra content to 2021 if anyone wants to join again.)

Murano's Running Marbles

Do you also have a box of marbles sitting in a corner of your cupboard - and they've been untouched for years? They're itching to move!

Join us in creating big, small, simple and complicated marble runs out of wire, cardboard, wood and whatever else comes to mind!

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