IMWe 2020 - Workshops

On the first evening of camp you will choose a workshop that you will take part in for the whole week. We will present them in more detail on Sunday evening, but here is a sneak peek of the descriptions, and information on whether you might need to bring anything specific.

Big Game Workshop

We will spend our workshop time organizing an end-game that will be played by all IMWe participants. We will plan, discuss, organize, make components, play test, set-up, run the game and evaluate our whole process. We expect the workshop to be quite intensive, bit demanding and will require a higher level of discussion and group conformation to achieve the desired goal. It'll also be great fun, though.

Boxes of Wonder

Be part of the transformation from old shoeboxes into wonderful little scenes. Let your wildest dreams become a cinematic sensation. From a tragic Romeo & Julia scene to a bamboozeling phantasy - everything impossible becomes possible.

Movie (trailer) Stars!

Have you ever wanted to film a cool movie with dramatic, funny and exciting scenes, but can't be bothered with all the story-bits in between? Are you made for glaring into the camera, looking dangerous or posing impressively, but can't remember any lines? Or do you want to try your skill at cutting a video into tiny bits where every second counts and the story races on at a breakneck speed? If so, this is the right workshop for you!


We will script, film and edit our own movie trailers, working in small groups but with the support of the whole workshop where needed. No previous skills in moviemaking are required (but we are sure that experienced editors will find exciting challenges as well!). An own laptop for reviewing and editing the material is welcome but not necessary.

The Great Lübinis Magical Mysteries

Have you ever wondered how magicians conjure the most wonderful illusions? Have you ever had the desire to make cards disappear into thin air? Would you like to read the mind of your audience?

Enter the bedazzling world of magic and experience the wonders of manipulation, entertain the audience and yourself - all of this in one workshop. You don't need to know anything beforehand, I have looked into some tricks and will teach you basic routines and concepts.

Be prepared to be amazed!

La biennale di Venezia

The Venetian biennial is a unique art festival, so let‘s recreate it in Rieneck! In this workshop we will create a synthesis of the three main themes of the Venetian biennial: Conceptual art, architechture and Performance.

La embroidery corner della nonna

Can you remember your grandma sitting in a big rocking chair next to the fireplace doing handicraft? Maybe specifically embroidery with were really old fashioned stitching patterns?  Could this craft be one of the critically endangered species? Not with us! Come and try out different techniques and fancy patterns.


Bring clothes that you want to upgrade and left over embroidery thread if you want. Your grandma would be proud of you! For beginners and professionals alike... a workshop to revive and learn the craft of  embroidery. 


Come and join us into a week of making music - explore arrangements, sing in a choir, or find your place behind an instrument in an ensemble - wether you try out something completely new, or dig deeper into what you already know, we are looking forward to creating some cool music together!

What are we hiding behind our songs?