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IMWe 2024 – Workshops

On the first evening of IMWe you will choose a creative workshop that you will take part in for the whole week. We will present them in more detail on Sunday evening, but for now, the workshop descriptions are at the end of this infoletter so you can have a brief impression and to find more information on whether you need to bring anything specific. Be aware that participation in a specifc workshop is not guaranteed, but we’ll try our best to assign everyone to their first choice.

Join the GrooveCity Broadcast & RebelRadio

W & Co. Global Media Holdings invites you to participate in an exclusive workshop in Studio 24, focusing on the basics of radio and podcasting.  

The workshop will focus on Recording, Scripting, and Audio Editing. We will be using beginner friendly software such as Audacity and GarageBand. Our goal is to write, record and publish radio shows and podcasts throughout the event and learn the basics of audio editing, script writing and recording along the way. 


What to Bring: 

  • A laptop (Mac or PC) 

  • Headphones with a cord 

  • Recording equipment (if you have microphones, sound cards ect.,
    and would like to contribute to use).

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Pop-Up Knitting Workshop

Socks, scarves, jerseys, headbands and more; Individualise your look by knitting your very own creation! Popping up from Friday 29.03 to Sunday 31.03, this workshop is on offer for anyone joining IMWe later than the rest.

We will only have a small selection of materials, for specific projects please bring the materials you need. If you have wool to donate please bring it to IMWe.

Stop Motion Mastery

Are you ready to transcend the boundaries of moving on the studio floor? Step into the captivating realm of stop motion, where we don't just animate ourselves, but get inanimate objects and characters moving as well! Delve into the exciting world of animation, as we master diverse techniques and unlock the endless possibilities of storytelling through simple stop motion.


What to bring:

  • A phone and/or laptop

  • Table/phone tripod (if you have)

  • Figures and other materials to animate and use as background (think Lego, Playmobil, wooden figures, ...).

  • We’ll also be bringing materials and some technical equipment.

Music with and for Dummies

You want to play music but felt like you were never “musically talented” enough? Maybe try out a guitar, have a bottle orchestra, see what a kids’ piano sounds like, practice a specific song or just play around with music? Then come and join two dummies that want to explore the world of sounds and instruments.

Feel free to bring your own instruments, regardless of whether you can play it =) 

Fantasy Forge – Miniature Workshop

Sculpt landscapes, paint miniatures, bring your stories to life.  
We will be making little villages, dungeons, castles, forests, battle maps and painting figurines.  
Pep up your board game playing experience at the fantasy forge! 

Patch up your life

Not feeling punk enough? Not enough shimmer on your disco pants? 
Come learn to print patches, put on spikes, accent with sequins, repair rips, hand embroider, sew on badges! A space to modify and spice up your wardrobe!

Please bring along patches/spikes/sparkly fabric and any clothes that you wish to change up!

Puppet theatre

Puppets can say what they want. They can say, what humans can’t. They tell the truth. Unfiltered. Sometimes brutally honest. A hand puppet is like a clown’s nose – you put it on and a whole new world appears. Your focus changes and you turn into someone else. A marionette becomes an extension of your body and all of a sudden it does things you would never do. Would you? Oh, but it wasn’t you – it was the marionette.

We want to dive into the world of puppets, get to know them and act things out.

Please bring black clothes, white/black gloves and if you have, all the puppets you always wanted to see filled with life.

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