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IMWe 2022 - Workshops

On the first evening of camp you will choose a workshop that you will take part in for the whole week. We will present them in more detail on Sunday evening, but here is a sneak peek of the descriptions, and information on whether you might need to bring anything specific.

The Great Luminous Object Workshop

Forget the spooky things that lurk in the dark, we’re going to light it up! Get ready to spend a week glowing in the dark, getting creative with neon, making art with light, and let your imagination go wild with UV! The workshop will be a mix of crafts, photography, theatre, make-up, and food!

If you think you might join us please bring along torches, any neon clothes or objects, and anything else cool that glows or lights up.

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Magic Mosaic

From many to one, from blank to colourful – that’s the world of mosaics, or at least we think it is. Out of many, many small ceramic pieces we well create things based on your own imagination.

Marbelous Monster Machine

Join to build the Marbelous Monster Machine in Dr Frankenstein‘s laboratory. We will use everything we will find to create the biggest and scariest machine around Castle Dreadmore. If you have material which fits into the machine, bring it to the castle!

Ghost Architects

Calling all ghostly designers and builders! Join us for a thrilling experience where we'll transform the old tower in Rieneck Castle into a spooky and chilling haunted house.
Of course, this workshop is also great for those theatrically minded among you, as we will be rehearsing our scariest moves to really give our guests a fright!


Let us turn the sum of simple forms into mesmerizing stories as a unique two dimensional experience. Shadow puppetry, shadow play… in various forms and genres we would like to dive into the theatre of Silhouettes. Creativity and Storylines have no limits and everyone is welcome.

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Ghostly Grooves

Welcome to the "Ghostly Grooves" Music Ensemble Workshop at IMWe! Come join us for a spooktacular morning of music-making! We'll be singing, arranging songs, and performing pieces with a large group of singers and instrumentalists. We'll also be doing singing and rhythm exercises to get us ready to perform at the IMWe concert on Saturday. So join us for a few hours of fun and music-making each morning and let's get our Ghostly Grooves on!

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