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IMWe 2022 - Detailed Information

If you registered for IMWe 2022,  then please read trough the information carefully to organize all you need for your trip to Sirenissima this Easter!

Arrival and Departure

Check-in starts at 3:00 pm on Sunday the 10th of April.

Please arrive between 3:00 pm and 4:30 pm. If you arrive later than this, you will not be able
to check in until the end of the evening programme (approx. 11:00 pm). This year arrival will be coordinated differently due to COVID19-regulations (see Corona-Section)

There will be no pick up from Rieneck train station when you arrive. The walk from the train station to the castle takes about 20 minutes. You can of course organize yourselves through the —» Facebook group to walk together or join participants coming by car. If you are planning to drive, the car park is at the bottom of the hill leading up to the castle.

Address —» Schlossberg 1, D-97794 Rieneck


IMWe will end on Monday the 18th April, at 11:30 am, after eating breakfast and cleaning up the castle together. Please tell us when you check in on the first day whether you will be staying for lunch on departure day (N.B. this is not included in the fee).

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Travelling to Rieneck
Travelling to Rieneck

You can find all the necessary information on how to get to the castle on the following websites


—» Homepage Rieneck Castle


—» Train Information


If you have any problems with travelling,
please —» contact us directly!

What to bring? 
Your ultimate packing list for IMWe 2022

1. Clothing – Scout uniform, slippers, working clothes for handicraft work, hiking boots (if you want to hike), comfortable clothes (e.g. for dancing), bad-weather clothes for cold and rainy days (we will have a camp fire and games outdoors), everyday clothes.

2. Instruments – If you own any musical instruments (including ones you don’t play), sheet music for group performances (choirs, duets, trios, etc.) and music sheet stands, please bring them along.

3. Costumes – Participants are asked to bring a costume based on the theme, you will wear this several times throughout the week. Creativity has no limits here, if you want to dive in and create something amazing, we’d love that! This year your possibilities are endless – are you a member of the high Venetian aristocracy with a bejewelled ballgown and matching mask? Do you work in the city as a trader, a rat catcher, a gondolier, a market stall holder? Perhaps your life is on the shoreline – a fisherman, beachcomber or seaweed collector? Or are you a little fishier? Down below the waves the sea creatures, fish and mer-people just love to play and chill all day, because darling it’s better down where it’s wetter. But even if you consider yourself a landlubber, what about those scales on your back? And your friend’s webbed feet that they were so keen to hide?

If you live on land, you’ll need to work out a way of taking air underwater so you can breath, and if your home is under the waves, whenever you head onto land you’ll need to be carrying water with you to keep yourself hydrated!

And on a practical note: remember to take the weather into account and note that you will have to move around the castle in your costume, so think practically or at least allow for an extra jumper or wearing trainers when necessary.

 4. Brochures and flyers to advertise your own Scouting and Guiding, camps and events

 5. If you like, some cakes, biscuits, snacks or sweets from your country for chatting times - if these could be individually packaged for hygiene reasons that would be even better!

 6. Board games to play with or teach others

 7. A flash light (torch) for the camp fire evening would be handy

 8. And don’t forget the basics like a towel, wash kit and pyjamas!

What to bring
Get involved

Your chance to get involved

IMWe is an interactive creative programme where participants are invited and encouraged to share their creative talents in music, acting, dancing, designing, crafts etc. There are various ways to get involved and contribute to the programme. If you already have ideas? Great! Please fill out the form for each of your ideas/activities to share during one of the programme points. It is also possible to tell us your ideas during IMWe, too.

Here is an overview of the programme points you can contribute to. Please read through the descriptions even though you’ve been to IMWe before because some of the programme points got adapted due to COVID19 regulations.


Music Interest Groups (MIGs)

Almost every afternoon there will be one hour of MIGs when you can do absolutely anything musical. For example, teaching each other instruments, choir, percussions, creating medleys, rapping, covering a song and so much more. This is also the perfect time to come together and rehears pieces for the concert. Music is joy, come together and bring each other joy!


Interest Groups (IGs)

Don’t hide your superpowers and share your talents during one of the IGs at IMWe! If you want to teach your skills to others you are very welcome to lead your own workshop that will last either one or two hours. Your IG can be anything creative from hand crafted items to dancing, any kind of theatre or games indoors and outdoors, or even massage or discussion groups. If you are interested in leading an IG, please bring everything you need (tools and materials for interested participants) or check beforehand if we might be able to provide you with anything.


Dream Time 

Almost every day after lunch there is Dreamtime. 45 minutes of relaxing and napping accompanied by comfortable music, poetry, story reading or other relaxing activities.

This year we are looking for a Participant (someone who has already been at IMWe ideally) to take over the coordination of the Dreamtimes!  This means being responsible that a Dreamtime happens every day! This does not mean you’ll have to do the Dreamtime yourself everyday, but recruit people who do – and in case you couldn’t find anyone for a certain day, to do them yourself! If you’re interested, please reach out to us, we’d be very grateful!

Also, we'd love for other PCs to come and share your most dream inducing activity with us. If you would like to offer any Dream Time programme please fill in the form.

Living Library - Programme Point

On Tuesday afternoon we want to invite you all to a living library, either as curious readers, or as books!
As a book you get to tell about yourself or a story that is important to you, spread awareness or just giving handy hints. To find out more about this programme point - please click here 

But obviously there will be no living library without books! Therefore we are hoping that many of you will volunteer for this programme point!

Do you have a story to tell? Then let us know by filling out the form.

International Evening

On Tuesday we will be hosting our International Evening where you will have the opportunity to present your home country, region or town. Therefore, we ask you to prepare the following:

 1. Presentation of your country and its Scouting and Guiding traditions

You will be given a table where you can display pictures, events, photos and/or objects. It would be great if you also prepared a short sketch to present your home country. Please consider the international aspect, all explanations and presentations should be in English.

 2. Food and drinks from your country

We also ask that you bring a regional or national specialty of your country. Since there are a lot of vegetarians participating, take this into consideration so we have a selection of vegan, vegetarian and meat-based foods. On this day, there is no dinner prepared by the kitchen staff, instead we will eat the food all the participants bring to the international evening.


There will be facilities for storing foods that need to be kept cool, please ask about the fridge on arrival. Please take into consideration that the cooking facilities are very limited so preferably bring food that does not require cooking (or bring a stove with you). We hope scouts from each country will collaborate on the presentation and food – if you need help with finding out who they are, contact us ( For the German Scouts: Please work together in presenting the different regional states (‘Bundesländer’).

Absolutely no hard liquor/spirits are allowed during IMWe, therefore please don’t bring any to the castle. If we discover any hard liquor, we are obliged to confiscate it and will pour it away. This rule also applies for International Evening.

International Evening is on the Tuesday, so please ensure any food you bring will still be fresh by then.

In the interests of Covid-19 hygiene, we kindly ask you to think through how to serve the food on the evening. Please avoid “common candy bowls” or any serving options where multiple people are touching the same food items and try instead to come up with solutions where everyone only touches the food that they will eat themselves. Maybe you can have a spoon or a pair of kitchen tongs to serve everyone the piece they want? Or maybe you can provide the food in some handy single portions? (We will ensure there is plenty of hand sanitiser/disinfectant for people to clean their hands.)

Creative Evening

On Thursday during the Creative Evening, you participants will be on the stage. We invite you to present fun performances that could include: sketches, juggling, plays, acrobatics, tricks, songs, dancing etc. Start thinking now about ways you could share your creativity on this evening, you could get together with other participants from your country/region to prepare something, or find other like-minded people once you arrive. Please fill out the form, if you want to present something.


Scouting Café

In a cosy atmosphere we will discuss Scouting and Guiding topics whilst sipping coffee and tea. Here you have the opportunity to dive into discussion. This year under an over all motto: How are scouts and guides impacting the world? We want to ask ourselves, what ways scouts and guides have to change society for the better. Whether you have some interesting examples or projects to share with others or if you want to start some meaningful work in your community, just bring your ideas and thoughts to IMWe so you can discuss it with scouts and guides from all over Europe. If you already know something, let us know by filling out the form.

During the Scouting Café you also have the opportunity to present your up-coming events and camps. For these presentations you will have an absolute maximum of three minutes, and of course more time afterwards to share more at a discussion table.



After the evening programme there is an optional possibility to come together and calm down after a superpower filled day! For example: Listening to nice music and painting, listening to a story, getting impulses for new thoughts, lighting some candles and relaxing, etc. Feel free to also offer your own meditative and relaxation ideas.



The Concert is your chance to perform any type of music you want. If you can play an instrument or want to sing, you are welcome to contribute. Please feel free to join even if you don’t consider yourself an experienced musician! You will have time to rehearse performances during IMWe, especially during Music IGs. If you can prepare something in advance – all the better, but you can also form groups during the week! Every participant can take part in up to three performances during the Concert on Saturday.


Holy Week Programme

You will have the opportunity to take part in two scouty, ecumenical vespers during the event - one on Good Friday and another one on Easter Sunday - to celebrate the Easter holidays. Please contact Julia ( if you would like to contribute with some music (guitar playing, a nice song, anything else that you think would fit…) to the vespers!

Day Off

On previous IMWe’s we’ve had a Day Out in the middle of the week where PCs are encouraged to explore the local area. This year, in order to preserve our Covid-bubble we request that PCs do not head off into the local towns where they would mix with non-IMWeans and potentially bring Covid back into the castle.

Instead we’re re-branding it as a Day Off! There will be various options for outdoor activities including short and long hikes around the local area, geocaching and picnicing; and also indoor activities such as films, crafts and music jam sessions. Lunch will be provided on this day, so you will not need to visit any shops or cafes. PCs are welcome to design their own activities for this day, but they should be designed to not mix with non-IMWeans, and not require IMWe Teamer input.

Be Prepared

On Wednesday evening we will be going back to the roots of scouting with a campfire evening. If you have any campfire songs, sketches or (non-contact) games that you would like to present, please fill in the form. We plan to start the evening with a set programme of items, and then will open to anyone who wants to throw in a song as they think of them. We know there are lots of fun campfire songs out, some ruder than others and we would prefer you to choose songs that don’t contain sexual or discriminatory lyrics.

Contributing to IMWe
Did you implement things you learned at IMWe at home?

Yes? Then share your story! It doesn’t have to be long. It can be a few sentences or a whole story what you learned at IMWe and how you implemented it at home, whether it was your local group, Scout and Guide Association or maybe even in your professional life? This year we want to collect all of your stories for others to read and get inspired how experiences from IMWe can be brought back home.

IMWe at home
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