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Photo Gallery

IMWe is an amazing place to participate in theme-related workshops and to offer activities yourself!

Below you can look through a small collection of all photo footage displaying the wide range of creativity.


To access the picture collection simply click on the dropdown list of the menue above.

Each Photo Gallery requires a certain password to be able to browse through the pictures.


Here are some useful hints to remember those passwords:


2008 - "Announcements - ..."!

2009 - What's the name of the Opera's director "Dr. ..."

2010 - What was the name of the vegetarian cannibal?

2011 - What is the code or name of the evil planet leader?

2012 - Other word for catastrophy in Italian language?

2013 - Which dish was luckily NOT served in Japan?

2014 - How is the name of the RULER?

2015 - Animal in Rattlesnake Creek, not buffalo.

Mini-IMWe - In which year did the IMWe already have Ancient Greece as a topic? The theme was called 'Olympus Wants You'...

2016 - Who is the God of Thieves and what else is he doing besides stealing?


If you absolutely have no idea about those passwords,
then please —» write us


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