Next year we will be crossing between the land and sea, exploring the city of Sirenissima, and joining both the terrestrial and aquatic inhabitants in festivities and stories of adventure and intrigue!

Are you a landlubber, never setting foot in the water?

Perhaps the sea is your home and you think it's better down where it's wetter?

Or are you most at home in the surf where the land and sea come together?

You can find it out with out new personality test --> LINK

Whatever your choice, join us on the waterline in Sirenissima! Registration for IMWe 2022 has opened!

Join IMWe Online

IMWe 2020 and 2021 were organized as succesfull online events during the week before Easter. Our  discord channel remains open around the year, so why not meet up with other IMWeans, share a recepie or a video, propose a music project or something else creative! Here's how you can join the fun!

Join our monthly IMWeb meetups on Discord!

We want to offer all friends of IMWe an opportunity to meet and chat during the coming months leading up to IMWe 2022. The 28th of every month, at 19:19 Rieneck time, we welcome you to the virtual Basement of our IMWe Discord channel! Just sit down at the bar or on one of the cozy blankets with friends – or maybe offer a game, a pub quiz or a karaoke session!

Have you seen the IMWe documentary already?
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