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Unfortunately, it seems that due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic we will have to live with travel- and meeting restrictions for a little while longer. Therefore, we in the IMWe team have made the decision to  plan IMWe 2021 as an online event.

While we are disappointed that we most likely cannot meet in our beloved Rieneck castle with a colourful international mix of scouts from all over Europe and the world, we are also looking forward to an awesome Internet event! You think you’ve seen it all during 2020? Fed up with videoconferences from work and hobbies? Challenge accepted!

“It was much more than I imagined it would be - more programme, more communication, more fun, more emotions.”  (Participant feedback for online-IMWe 2020)

In 2020, “IMWe Goes Viral” was a success story, with teamers and participants coming up with dozens of different creative activities in a very short time. Imagine what we can do together this time, with months to work on it! We’ve all learned a thing or two about working and even having fun on the Internet in the past months, let’s put those lessons into use over Easter 2021. We understand that you might not want to take days off work for an online event, therefore we plan to concentrate the activities to the weekday evenings and the Easter holiday weekend, although you will probably find both something to do and someone to chat with on our online channels almost around the clock during the IMWe week.

As on every proper IMWe, there will this time be a theme and a storyline carrying us through the week. Keep an eye on our information channels – such as this homepage – for more revelations in the coming weeks and months.

If you are planning to join any programme point on IMWe 2021, we kindly ask you to register for the event. The registration is for free, and is not binding, it is simply for the purposes of VCP - the scout association hosting IMWe - that requires a participant list for its supported online events this year.


If you had already registered for IMWe 2021 at Rieneck castle, please note that your registration has been cancelled.


The preparations for IMWe 2021 have started… do you want to join the fun already? Please write to us at if you have any ideas that will need a longer planning time or assistance from the team to prepare. You can also gather a group of friends and start your own preparations – we warmly recommend joining the monthly IMWe meetups on our discord channel, every 28th of the month at 19:19 Rieneck time. We hope that YOU will join us in creating a unique online IMWe!



Have you seen the IMWe documentary already?
- Check it out and spread the word!
Join our monthly IMWeb meetups on Discord!

We want to offer all friends of IMWe an opportunity to meet and chat during the coming months leading up to IMWe 2021. The 28th of every month, at 19:19 Rieneck time, we welcome you to the virtual Basement of our IMWe Discord channel! Just sit down at the bar or on one of the cozy blankets with friends – or maybe offer a game, a pub quiz or a karaoke session!


IMWe online?

IMWe 2020 was organized as a succesfull online event during the week before Easter. Our event calendar and discord channel remain open even after the event, so why not meet up with other IMWeans, share a recepie or a video, propose a music project or something else creative! Here's how you can join the fun!

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