IMWe 2021

Vengeance in Venice

Welcome to IMWe 2021!

On the Easter week 2021 Rieneck Castle will turn into renaissance Venice. Board a gondola, join the masquerade and discover what dark secrets and intrigues lie below the calm surface of the Canal Grande!

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5th of May 2020:

The registration is now open!

IMWe 2020

IMWe goes viral

Spring 2020: IMWe went viral, and you can still join in!

The week before Easter was a busy one, full of music, crafting, chatting, sleeping too little... just like every year, except this time the people of IMWe met online instead of Rieneck Castle. Our event calendar and discord channel will remain open at least until the 20th of May, so why not meet up with other IMWeans, share a recepie or a video, propose a music project or something else creative! And if you joined IMWe 2020, but missed our awesome DIY Badge Workshop, feel free to check out our Padlet and share your own crafty badges!

You will find information on how our platforms continue working during the spring on the event page.

We  will be collecting memories (Photos posted in workshops, videos, books & games that we made...) from the past IMWe week in our archives!

Below you can also still take a look at our concert and closing ceremony (due to technical difficulties the programme starts with about 30 minutes of delay), or take a look at our trailer if you didn't already!

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