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IMWe 2018

W.A.S.H vs. D.I.R.T

It’s 1967 and a group of volunteers has been chosen to participate in a free trial of the famous W.A.S.H.corp invention: Alterol. Participants are promised to develop superpowers they’ve always dreamed of - Alterol releases ones inner hero so a person can live a full and prosperous life without fear of being overpowered by the extra-terrestrial invaders.


Sunday 25.3. - Monday 2.04.2018


Rieneck Castle

Materials (more coming soon)


Superpower: Bear Hug! —»  Material

Dr. Audio & Prof. Sound —» Results

Total One Shot Propperganda —» HowTo

Other Programme Points

Texts  —» Closing of the Day

Nightgame —» Station descriptions


IMWe Song 2018 —» Hero in you

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Enter the —» Picture Gallery 2018 using the password.
Hint for Password: Minions like them a lot.

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